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Ironfest, Showground, Lithgow NSW

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Lithgow AA emplacements. September2010

Lithgow AA Emplacements. 5.9.10

Aim: Reconnaissance of the site, clean-up, general clearing and photos.
Attendance: Jaeger Maurer and VS Mann Sepp Volker

Weather  cloudy with strong and gusty SW winds.
Right at Mt Victoria, along the Bells Line of Road until the the old AA battery on the right, then into the scrub to the largest and most intact of the 5 emplacements. Driving time: 45 min.

We kitted up, Volksturmmann and Fallschirmjager, and began clearing with shears, mattock, entrenching tool, small rake and broom (the latter found on site) around the main structure. Water had accumulated in the passageways, making then inaccessible, but an hour was well spent removing rampant blackberry, weeds and refuse such as bottles, glass, plastic and wire. Weather remained good, with low cloud and increasing sun. Wind continued but gradually eased.

After a break for lunch, we then arranged a series of photos in and around the cleared sections of the site, avoiding any reference to eucalypt or native flora. This was the paramount consideration.

Then, with the completion of the photo-shoot, I took images of the other four emplacements to note their potential for use by the group. Of these four, ruined sections of two could be used with minimal clearing as backdrops.

The potential for the site as a back-drop for planned, full-day scenarios is significant.
What needs to be done: clearing of scrub, weed and litter.
Minimum equipment: Gloves, rakes, shovels / spades, mattocks, shears and stiff brooms.
Ideal equipment: whipper-snipper for bracken, chain-saw, stiff brushes and buckets.

Field gear extras: as much personal kit as possible for photo-shoot. Anything which would give the site a lived-in appearance. The scenarios are endless. Plenty of concrete and brick. 

Come October / November, the weather will begin to warm up appreciably. This means rapid regrowth and the potential for snakes (but human activity will generally scare them away).


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