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Armidale State Forest, 30-31/07/2011, Armidale, NSW

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Armidale, August 2011

Weather forecast for the entire weekend was relatively mild, with temperatures from 0 to 15 degrees . Germans and US drove up Friday with the VW, made contact with AGS in the pine forest, then spent the evening camped in Armidale city.

President likewise drove up Friday, staying overnight in town, then met Russians at 06.45 outside the gate to the pine forest.

After driving in and unloading, we established camp and familiarised ourselves with the terrain, as well as meeting up with AGS units: Russian, German SS and one US (with Jeep).

Weapons check then Germans moved out to establish a defensive position on top of a fortified hill.

After taking up positions and waiting for more than an hour, (while all the time maintaining complete silence and security), the first Russian scouts made contact but soon fled the scene. Not long after, they attempted a charge in force but were quickly repelled, sustaining heavy casualties. Germans won convincingly.

The various groups then returned to their camp areas for lunch where, Mikhail quickly established his reputation as a fine cook, having brought ample supplies of sausage and marinated meat.

The second scenario for the day was a capture-the-flag exercise. Russians and Germans each allocated a defensive group (to stay and protect their flags) and an offensive group to locate and attack the enemy. VSmann Sepp Volker was part of the defensive unit, while our Russians were in the attacking force. The Russians were outmanoeuvred and their flag was captured, being proudly displayed in a VW lap of honour.

The afternoon and evening was spent cooking and shooting the breeze.

 Sunday dawned cloudy and mild and after a breakfast of tinned peaches, Sepp packed up and was collected at 8am for the long drive home.

An excellent weekend and a unique opportunity to be in an environment closely approximating the real thing. 


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