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Linnwood House September 2011 Jeep-Swimm

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Linnwood House September 2011

Thank you and well done to every Ausreeanct member who committed to the day!

President arrived at 7.40, followed soon after by German and Russiab in a frozen convoy from the Kruger lager. US then arrived in the Dodge.

Our display of three vehicles and Zundap was enhanced by a large display table with German, Russian and American equipment, as well as 2 x four zelt shelters and an eight zelt Kunz mansion!

Security detail was established.

The publicity leaflets proved to be good value with many being picked up by members of the public, and considerable interest shown in the items we had on display. Furthermore, we will be signing up a new member with his vehicle and repro anti-tank weapons and machine-guns. This can only serve to enhance the club's profile.

To top it off, amid all the competition (c.50+ Jeeps) we were judged to be the "Best Display As Part of a Group"

This is a fitting reward for the hard work and commitment shown by members on the day!


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