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Operation Barbarossa,

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Tarago. November 2011


Warm and dry. Germans begin arriving in the early evening, followed by the Kruger clan with prospective new US and Vlasov Army members. Base is


Warm to hot. More Germans begin arriving from arrive at 8.15. Base expanded.

Russians take up the attack, with Germans in defensive positions. Smoke used to confuse both sides. Eventual outcome difficult to determine as substantial casualties on each side. A draw is declared.
Rest and debrief.
Roles reversed. Allies and partisans find defensive (ambush) positions.

Germans capture Dodge and drive headlong into oblivion. Terrible casualties inflicted upon them.

Rest and debrief. 

A hot lunch / dinner arrives!!

Capture the flag. Germans place their banner on top of the hill (obscure) while Russian / partisans place theirs on roadblock hedgehog (sportingly bvious). Patrols set out. Contacts established and an early skirmish. Allies stamp out grass-fire due to smoke grenade and storm hill to capture the German flag. Allied hessian bag still on the hedgehog to my knowledge.

Rest and debrief. Very, very hot. Too hot for feldgrau.

Meeting of Ausreenact members to engage in debrief and planning for next event

 Warm fire. Mild evening. Clear skies.


Decamp and police the area.



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