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Ironfest, Lithgow, NSW 2012

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Dim lights


The entire Kruger clan, three generations worth, made the trek west on Friday
and established a very much expanded and substantial lager close to the
grandstand. Harry and Ian were in attendance as well and provided some much
needed friendly muscle. Along with the VW and Jeep, they brought the
ever-reliable Zundap and BMW. Several hedgehogs, along with ample sandbags and
hay bails helped to ensure an outstanding camp environment. Not to mention Ian's
Bofors! A work in progress to be sure, but a very appealing toy nonetheless.

Saturday morning began very warm, and brought with it the arrival of, Mikhail
and Anastasia (Russian) along with MG42, Panzerfaust and grenades, Jeremy (FJ),
Jenkins (SS), Erich (WH) Nathen (WH), George (FJ) and Greg (VS), AND a special
guest appearance by Sarah in 1940's civilian garb!

The lager was then completed with four Zelt and two US shelters, and several
display tables for personal items. The biggest development this year, apart from
the increased size of our area, was the inclusion of blank firing demonstrations
and uniform show and tell sessions, organised conducted by Erich, and heralded
by the air-raid siren, drawing in the crowd. These proved to be big winners and
gave members a bit of fun as well. Ian's Boys provided a spectacular finale.

Mikhail cooked up his usual storm, for lunch, offering lamb and chicken skewers
as well as host of special vegetables. This was seriously good food!

Many members signed on for the overnight stay, and ample hay bails provided some
good insulation fro the Lithgow cold and a cushion for the unforgiving ground.

Sunday provided cooler and more bearable weather. Crowds were slightly down on
the Saturday, but again, huge interest was shown in all that we provided.
Publicity leaflets were snapped up and expressions of interest from potential
new members have already been received.

The lager began to be slowly dismantled around noon.

To all who participated and contributed, congratulations. There was always a
security detachment on hand to both keep an eye on things, and to answer any
questions from the adoring public.

This was the best IronFest yet and it was obvious that the organisers were very
impressed by what we had to offer.


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