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12 Lithgow 14.07.2012 NSW

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Lithgow State Mine, July 2012

Saturday, July 14 at Lithgow State Mine Heritage Park and. 
Weather was mild for mid July with occasional cloud but generally fine. First to arrive before 10:00 were Nathen and brother Dean from the central coast! Well done, gentlemen. Following on were Greg, Michael, new members Dave and Graeme, Mikhail and Anastasia, Harry and the Kunz clan of Peter, Rosa, Cenda, Jane and Andrew. Having been held up at numerous check-points, Erich, Sarah and Natalia's arrival rounded off our numbers.
The local organisers were most courteous and accommodating as they showed us around the facilities on offer, explaining the options we have available for future use of the area. Its rolling stock and remnant machinery in particular offered a unique opportunity for us to recreate scenes from a wide variety of locations and times, though Ostfront or 1945 Berlin immediately came to mind.
The tour included inside areas as well, which could provide not only shelter from the weather if needed, but the possible recreation of barracks scenes for photographs.
It was then a matter of repairing to our vehicles for a change from mufti to uniform, where a wide assortment of German (Heer, SS, FJ, VS), US, Russian and civilian was on offer.
A lunch then of pizza and soft drinks went over extremely well, following which Greg, on behalf of all members, thanked the organisers for their hospitality.
Various photos were organised around the rolling stock and then in the small gully behind the main building. This area had three explosive storage blocks which provided some good backdrops.
It was at last the opportunity for members to make some noise and several scenarios were organised with defending US and attacking Germans, and vice versa. Prisoners were taken and summary justice was on occasion meted out. Thank you Erich for leading the Axis forces into the fray. Our superior leadership, numbers and fire-power meant that the outcome of any skirmish was never in doubt.
Several positives came from this day, such as the opportunity to1. Catch up with new members Graeme and Dave, and to meet Dean who has become our latest recruit.
2. Investigate the many new possibilities afforded by this unique site, and to meet the locals who maintain it.
3. Dress up, make some noise and have some fun.
I'd like to thank all members who took part in this exercise, particularly those who came quite considerable distances. Furthermore, thank you for showing pride in the high standard of your impression. We are a World War II re-enactment organisation whose hallmarks are professionalism and authenticity, and these two aspects in particular will help ensure that we not only continue to attract new members, but that we maintain credibility among the general public and enhance the reputation of re-enactors generally.

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