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Training Day, Lithgow Pine Forest, Lithgow, NSW 2012

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Cloudy, warm and humid.

Present: Mikhail and Anastasia (Russian), Greg (VS), Jeremy (FJ), Erich, Nathen
and Peter (Heer), Cenda and Harry (US), Roza (support vehicle

Special welcome to new member Nathen from the Central Coast, Jeremy returning
from study commitments and Erich's daughters and partner, Sarah who came all
that way for the ride. (Well done! A chance to try out the new chariot too.)

All members arrive on schedule. Gear unloaded and moved to a more secure area,
away from public view, as were all vehicles. Lager established. Brief on safety
and security issues - an old industrial area with ample opportunity for the
unwary to do some damage to themselves: big drops and big holes for a start.

After briefing, various forces move on their own to explore the site and set up
photographic opportunities. Plenty of scope provided by tunnels, brick walls,
concrete blocks, old steel and iron. Graffiti is evident, but not extreme. Site
is very much overgrown with dandelions and fennel. Eucalypt and other native
vegetation is minimal.

Break for lunch after several hours of worthwhile reenacting - Mikhail as usual
cooks up a feast. Group photos to conclude the day, and decamp as the rain
begins around 3pm.

This was a very constructive and above all, enjoyable day. Much was accomplished
and I feel that everyone would have come away satisfied.

Thank you to new member Nathen for helping junior member Harry with

A great way to begin the new year!


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