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Armidale State Forest, NSW 2013

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Armidale Tactical, August 2013

Weather was very much in our favour after some threatening clouds and a few passing drops on Friday afternoon / evening. A light to moderate breeze kept things cool in the shade, but mild daytime temperatures and a not unbearable zero to minus 1 overnight made for comfortable conditions.

Members began arriving Friday afternoon, following on from some AGS who selected the site for the lager on Wednesday.

Members present:

LW / FJ / Heer / Gebirgs / VS / US Infantry

AGS: Russian snipers x 2, US infantry x 2, Gebirgs / FJ / SS x 7, Soviet correspondent x 1.

Total: 24

After initial inspection, briefing and safety check on the Saturday morning, Germans moved out to establish a position from which to ambush / repel a patrolling allied force.

Overseen by umpires, the two units alternated attack and defend scenarios throughout the day, remaining in the field until 4.30. Superior German forces, outnumbering the allies by more than 2:1, were not always a guarantee of success however. Patience and persistence certainly paid off for the allies in one particular scenario where they were able to gradually reduce the German defenders to a mere handful, thus cementing a victory. Overall though, the German forces did ultimately prevail in three out of four events.

Still, it was never the case that victories were immediate; they were always hard-won, and useful lessons were always there to be learned. The occasional civilian dog walker or cyclist provided added entertainment

At the end of the day, a break was called for a return to the lager and a chance for warm food, before a night ambush.

This particular event had its difficulties in that the initial setting on the other side of the wire proved to be unsuitable – too many hazards on the ground such as unseen rocks, animal holes and stray pieces of debris.

After the venue was changed, a new scenario was chosen: open, flat ground, traversed by a ravine. It was here that the allies would lie in wait for the German forces. In the dark, it was impossible for the advancing Germans to see anything, and the US / Russian ambush force waited for them to be a handful of metres away before opening up. A mad minute of mayhem ensued with countless flashes streaking across the night. The concussion from the massive fusillade of blanks at such close quarters, even with all safety procedures in place, was phenomenal, and it was the perfect way to end a very rewarding day.

Back then to campfires and beers

Sunday dawned clear. For Ausreenact and some AGS, it was then a matter of breaking camp and making the long trek home. For those who did remain, another day of events was planned.

To all members present, well done!


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