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Linwood House 2013

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Linnwood House, 2013 

A necessarily abbreviated AAR for the unit history.

 Congratulations one and all for making it down to Guildford, and a hope that you have all made it back safely.

 Guildford's atomic clock continues to require some fine tuning and seems to run about 40 minutes slow. The 8am gate opening occurred at 8.40 but despite the wait, all then went according to plan. Germans established a formidable four-shelter lager under the big pine, and completed it with abundant display items. US under Corn-Cob Harry McCarthur set up a good laundry display too ;-). Thanks to three new Harry's Heroes, who filled out their numbers. Good to see your impressions beginning to take shape.

 New members were further welcome additions to our ranks today and the enthusiasm of all our recent recruits augers well for the future of our group.

 The Kruger clan came with the VW and Jeep, but with the Studebaker not quite being able to go the distance. Hope it's nothing major, Ziegler.

 I feel that it was the case today that Ausreeanct provided far and away the most effective (only?) and unified display. The best turn out yet actually. Both visitor and Jeep numbers were unfortunately well done on earlier years, and Linnwood itself wasn't able to field any entertainment or period costumes. Still, worthwhile day it was indeed.

 Well done!


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