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Ostfront event Tarago, NSW 2014

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Weather: mild with light cloud.

Safety inspection, welcome to new members

1. US ambush of patrolling Germans. Despite the fact that US numbers were severely depleted, they had selected a perfect open area for an ambush, and even with Germans' superior firepower, they managed to come up with a moral as well as a physical victory. German laughter assisted them greatly.

2. A reversal of rôles which saw US being drawn further into the bush. MG 42 positioned to cover all probable access routes. But rather than take the obvious path, US chose to come over the high ground, and strike the first blow. MG soon came into play. Amleth and Cenda did manage to avoid the carnage of this initial contact and held out, along with a reanimated Nathen for some considerable time. A German victory.

3. Debrief and lunch. During this time, among other things, a continuation of earlier discussions which centred on a September 6/7 action in Tarago - Ostfront involving Russian and German, as well as a visitor invitation to other groups. More to come as planning unfolds, but KEEP THIS TWO-DAY EVENT IN MIND PLEASE!! It will be a winner for us all, given the appropriate level of commitment.

4. German drill, conducted by Erich, with US spectators. This is always a valuable exercise; it familiarises us with German commands and goes a long way to ensuring that we actually appear to know what we are doing. Critical when the time comes for public events. 

5. Live fire practice at a suspiciously porous, rock-like target some 80m distant.

15.40h break camp.

Yet another productive and relaxed day.Thank you Kruger for your hospitality. Well done new members for attending! Well done all for contributing to its success. Thank you for your work with US and German authenticity manuals.



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