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Schule des Soldat Tarago, NSW 2014

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Tarago – School of the Soldier Training Day – February 8, 2014

Weather         Fine and very warm, with temperatures reaching the high thirties.

Attendance     German, US, Soviet

Following Appel, and welcome by the President, Möller provided a briefing on the program ahead and weapons inspection.

For the first two hours of the day, forces were split Allied / Axis to conduct formation and marching drills, including familiarisation with basic orders. Möller organised and commanded the Axis forces, while Lt Nat. led the US / Soviet group. While a reasonably simple and straightforward process (with the added challenge however of German commands), this exercise was particularly important as a preparation for IronFest and other Living History events. A reasonable approximation of military precision and unity of purpose are critical when Ausreenact is on public display, and only further serve to impress an audience.

Following a break for water and respite from the heat, a safety check was conducted. This included an examination of ammunition, a demonstration of blank firing and familiarisation of the rules for aiming / proximity when making contact.

The initial exercise involved Allied forces locating to an unknown position, to then be engaged by the Germans. The hilly and wooded terrain provided excellent cover for both forces, but even with the MG42, the Axis forces were always going to be challenged by needing to attack from lower ground. The engagement itself proved to be a fluid exercise, with the defending Allies regularly melting back into the woods. In my humble opinion, the outcome was a draw.

A break for lunch and debrief ensued, followed by a reversal of roles. This time however, the Germans’ superior firepower and defensive perimeter on the high ground were far too much for the attacking Allies, who found themselves thwarted at every turn.

The end of this action led to another essential rest break and debrief.  It was then that John arrived with an array of items for sale, all of which aroused a degree of interest among members and guests alike.

A formal conclusion to the day then ensued, with acknowledgments and thanks. Those members who had come with live ammunition participated in a shoot at Kruger’s range, while others made one more walk up the hill to their vehicles for the drive home.

This was yet another successful and worthwhile event, where Kameradschaft once more prevailed. The turn-out was impressive, as was the organisation, planning, attention to detail and adherence to safety rules.

Great to see newer members turn out in full kit!

Kameraden, a great display of uniforms and equipment, and despite the oppressive conditions I know that all participants would join me in declaring the event a tremendous success.


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