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IMAX AAR Traditionally the presidents domain, so I'll just give you the details.

0830 Elements of the 101st airborne dropped into darling harbour and secured a bridge head. 

0845 101st reinforced by dodge weapons carrier and members of the 2nd armoured div. 

0850 Area was secured and contact was made with the local resistance, (IMAX officials) From there the TOP SECRET film canisters (man those things are freaking HUGE) were loaded into the dodge, all the while propaganda photos were being taken. Once the cargo was loaded the Ausreenact contingent mounted up and drove the Short distance to the Screening area. literally from the back of the theatre the front of it!! Once again the propaganda team were on hand and shot off several rolls of film. Once the official photos had been taken the troopers posed for photos with a visually impaired youth group who were at the venue, as well as most of the IMAX staff and the PR girls. At approximately 1045 the dodge and troopers departed the the bridge head and left it in the hands of the local authorities.

All in all a worth while exercise as all seemed more than pleased with Ausreenact as a whole


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