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Western Front event Tarago, NSW 2014

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Weather – cloudy and mild, becoming clear and very warm Sunday.

All US forces, arrive Friday afternoon to establish the lager: an excellent effort with the distances these troops needed to travel.

German reinforcements begin arriving from 07:30 Saturday. Comander  is given a field commission and tasked with leadership of German forces. Following a welcome by Herr Präsident and safety inspections, the first scenario begins.

Präsident had prepared in advance a series of four scenarios, with orders for the opposing forces based on up-to-the-minute intelligence reports. Field commanders Nathen and Andrew selected an envelope A to D at random, and then proceeded to brief their forces with the aid of a map.

Commanders synchronised watches and moved their forces out to their designated zones.

This was a new method of organising events, based on planning which had taken place throughout July, and it proved to be highly successful. Forces needed to explore new areas of the battlefield, scale mountains previously thought to be unassailable, and engage an enemy force which could be coming from anywhere, or which was defending an entirely new position.

Furthermore, grenades were used for the first time, and thanks to his expertise, Volker was able to earn the self-destruction badge (2 Klasse).

Following a short break and debrief, another quite different scenario took place, again requiring troops to locate their objective on a map and proceed accordingly.

Lunch at the lager was followed by the injection of fresh German reinforcements in the form a Kriegsmarine detachment from Canberra, comprising.  Resplendent in their navy blue, these fresh troops tipped the balance in the ensuing battle for Monte Tarago.

15:00 debrief and a break. Live firing for those who wished. US troups demonstrated some serious pyrotechnics and mortar firing. US troups in particular is to be congratulated for his skills with all sorts of dangerous things which make significant noise and produce significant smoke. And terror to the wombats

Discussion, socialising, dinner and early to the hay.

A mild and clear night which broke into a warm morning. After breakfast, the lager was policed, generally cleared and members packed.

The final scenario was a capture the flag event. Opposing forces were aware of the enemy’s flag location, but needed to break themselves into defending and attacking sections. This turned out to be another feat of endurance as troops who had been taken out of the action needed to return to their home base, often several hundred metres away and either relieve a defender to enter the battle, or helmet back up and return to the front themselves.

No clear winner could be established after an hour, such was the fluid nature of the battle, and so a halt was called at 11:20.

Debrief, thanks, final packing and leave passes issued.

This was a particularly fine weekend event and with the weather warming considerably, will likely have been the final tactical in Feldgrau for 2014. Its success was due to:

  1. Participation, participation, participation: numbers on the ground. Commitment! Well done members!
  2. Planning. These scenarios were all organised well in advance. Thanks to all who participated in the planning sessions: to Präsident with his Enigma machine, and the Field commanders.
  3. The attention given to authenticity in the lager.
  4. Kruger for once again suppling the battlefield
  5. US for the smoke and mirrors.
  6. The weather!

Kameraden, thank you for making it possible.


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