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August 6th/7th Tarago.Hurtgen Forest

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Schlacht im Hürtengwald The day began with a safety debrief, housekeeping and welcome guests.

Activities concentrated around previously planned scenarios which included the use of attack and retreat tactics. Allied troops were commandeered by Hoffman with great support from his crew who used the terrain well, they managed to often elude the enemy. The second scenario centred around allied troops landing in the forest, axis troops attempted to flush them out at great cost and many casualties. Both scenarios were performed in a safe and competent manner.
The afternoon battle was great fun, everyone got into the act and, lots of action and noise made it a lot of fun. The Axis troops attacked relentlessly and succeeded in over running the Allied post were a number of allied troops were subjected to interrogation, not all the captured would make it home. There was some constructive discussion about the scenarios, maps and use of equipment. For next time we will aim at developing better maps to help the section leaders command their troops more effectively.
For dinner we had a delicious soup cooked in the 1945 US Army stove which made it much more special. All troops sat down to enjoy the delicious “Eintopf” amidst conversation and lots of laughs. The night was long but thankfully not too cold.
On Sunday many departed but a few stayed back and did some filming with the Jeep and Kubel.
It was a great weekend and we thank all those that took part on what was a great event, which was played in great spirit and with safety in mind.
Thank you,


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