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Rules & Regulations

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Safety, Behaviour, Discipline

1.1 Safety will always be our first priority. Safety procedures at all levels will be strictly adhered to and any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated whilst on duty. This further relates to the security of the camp, Firearms licencing, the inspection of weapons, and the proximity of alcohol. Any ideas for improvement should be brought forward at the first available opportunity. A safety officer will be appointed to every event.

1.2 Only the highest standards of behaviour will be accepted at all times. The purpose of Ausreenact is to portray living history and help educate people of all ages. This is a responsibility that must be taken seriously and adhered to at all times. It is unacceptable to act or speak in a manner which may be offensive to either fellow reenactors, visitors or members of the public. It is also important to note that the political and social climate at a particular time may affect the audience reaction / relationship to a display and extra caution may be advised. A member of the club’s executive should be called upon to address any potential conflicts in public or inter-group settings.

1.3 No Neo-Nazi activities, racist, political views or criminal behaviour will be tolerated. If a member is found to be involved in any way in any of the above activities whilst on duty they will be dismissed from Ausreenact. No second chances will be granted.

1.4 It is a member’s responsibility to not only look out for themselves, but also for each other, and it is their duty to always strive to achieve the highest possible standard in every aspect of their participation. Authenticity, Safety and Courtesy are the keys to success.

1.5 Strict attention must be made to all laws whether these be Local, State or Federal. The adherence will cover not only Ausreenact as a group but each individual member also, and non-compliance will not be tolerated. If participating in events organised by other groups, their rules of engagement these must be adhered to. We are guests and must behave as such.

1.6 It is important to act with a professional attitude at all times for the benefit of the group and to ensure a safe and responsible time for everyone to enjoy.

1.7 Members who may have legitimate concerns, or who have cause to disagree with decisions or directives from the President or their specific unit leader, should make their concerns known to those individuals personally, via private email. It is not acceptable, for the sake of group morale, to raise issues of a potentially divisive or personal nature with the entire membership.

1.8 In their posts, members will refrain from any statements which may be reasonably considered to be derogatory, inflammatory or dismissive of another member’s legitimately held beliefs or position.

1.9 Fair warning will be given by the President to members who breach either of the above two rules. Failure to abide by that warning will result in the individual concerned forfeiting their membership of Ausreenact, and having all associated privileges removed.


2.1 All participants at an Ausreenact public event must be covered by the “Australian Living History Federation Inc” Public Liability Insurance before the commencement of the event. A member’s annual fees will cover this levy.

2.2 Fees are set annually and are divided into categories of

a. Active individual membership ($50 annually)

b. Active family membership ($75 annually)

c. Student / Minor’s individual membership ($20 annually)

Members joining in the latter half of the financial year pay a reduced fee. Membership and any associated fees (eg Insurance) must be paid within one month of the due date.

Active participation in group events throughout the year will entitle a member to a reduction in their annual fees as determined by the committee. It will usually be the case that attendance at four group activities throughout the year will be the minimum attendance requirement. As mentioned in Para. 2.1, reasonable advance notice will always be provided. The only exceptions may be when invitations from outside are issued to the group. We have no control over the timing of these invitations.

2.3 All members, recruits and guests are to read and sign the “Rules, Regulations & Code of Conduct” form before participating in any event or display of Ausreenact.

2.4 All membership or other inquiries are to be referred to the President or their delegate.

2.5 All new members will have a probationary period of 12 months from the date of their membership acceptance At the end of this time an assessment will take place and formal membership will either be either confirmed, their probationary period extended, or denied. This decision will be made by the Executive, and be based upon a review of the probationary member’s participation and adherence to the group’s rules. A basic examination will be undertaken by the recruit consisting of questions on the Law and Safety requirements and Behaviour expectations. If a recruit fails, he will be required to sit another examination one month later and a further assessment will take place.

2.6 A recruit will have to be sponsored by a full member only (recruits cannot sponsor recruits) and it is the sponsor’s responsibility to guide the recruit in the necessary standards. The standards will mainly consist of behaviour, safety and dress with regards to public performances. The sponsor will also be the recruit’s first point of contact with any general questions, queries and information relative to the group.

2.7 Members who are under 18 years of age must have the written permission of a parent or carer to apply for membership. They must not consume alcohol or be in breach of any Local, State or Federal law applying to minors.



3.1 Meetings are held in Sydney, at venues determined by the group and all members are encouraged to attend. An acceptance or an apology must be given to the organisers as a courtesy. These meetings provide a planning and discussion forum. All members will be advised of dates and locations for meetings in advance. Such prior notice will be a minimum of three weeks.

3.2 All members and / or recruits purchasing or borrowing uniforms will be required to follow the guidelines and standards as set by the Authenticity Officer or their delegate.

3.3 The President or their delegate is the public representative of Ausreenact and carries the full responsibility and authority to act on Ausreenact’s behalf. All members and recruits are to perform the tasks appointed and follow any instructions given as expected of a soldier in their respected units. The authority of the President or unit commanders should be recognised at all public events, as well as private training / tactical events. This extends to advice and requests concerning uniform authenticity or rank and awards insignia.

3.4 No member or associate will be permitted to act as a spokesperson for Ausreenact without the express permission of the Executive or appointed senior member in their absence.

3.5 Ausreenact forbids the use of its name in any form to profit an individual or company or to endorse any product. An exception may be sponsorship for web hosting, as sanctioned by the Executive, and for the benefit of the entire group.

3.6 Ausreenact has adopted the view that safety, behaviour and discipline breaches of a serious nature will not be tolerated. Any person acting outside of the standards and guidelines contained in “Rules, Regulations & Code of Conduct” will be dismissed and forfeit their membership fee.

3.7 Ausreenact will not tolerate any talk with the public or in the vicinity of the public on matters concerning either directly or indirectly, race, religion, politics or anything of a sexual nature. Offensive language or innuendo is not acceptable whilst on duty.

3.8 Ausreenact will not tolerate or support discrimination of any kind. This extends to the posting or images, links, discussion threads or articles on either the group’s web site or discussion forum.

3.9 All applicable State and Federal laws pertaining to re-enacting, weapons and conduct will be adhered to at both group and individual level.

3.10 Authenticity is the goal of every member of Ausreenact; outward appearance and conduct is of paramount importance. This will help set the overall picture for the public to see “living history”.

3.11 Basic commands and procedures in the native language of the units being

portrayed are encouraged.

3.12 Any member who commits a criminal act and is convicted or has a court case pending must inform the Executive if it may have a bearing on the group or its activities. Of particular note for example are acts of violence, Actual Bodily Harm, Grievous Bodily Harm, AVO/DVO, or charges that are weapons, drug and alcohol related. If in doubt, discuss with a senior member for guidance.

3.13 No alcohol is permitted whilst on duty. The drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted only after an event, when all weapons have been securely stored. At no time is alcohol permitted while handling weapons or ammunition prior to or during an event. Minors are never to consume alcohol at any time during an Ausreenact event.

3.14 Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. A member’s prescription medications are of course necessary, but if their use could affect individual or group safety whilst in the field or at an event – especially involving weapons, the use of machinery or driving a motor vehicle – then this should be brought to the attention of the Executive.


  • It is important for everyone to understand that this project is completely non-political. Symbols such as the Swastika, SS Runes or the Communist Hammer and the Sickle are to be portrayed in a purely objective and historical manner.
  • Any and all extremist views will not be tolerated. This unit is all about living history and militaria, NOT about racist, National Socialist or Communist views.
  • We require members to be responsible and abide by any State or Federal laws.
  • Our aim is to establish units Australia wide and to cooperate with interstate reenactors for the ultimate benefit of all.
  • We aim to achieve and maintain the highest levels of authenticity.
  • Our overall aim is to teach and inform in a positive environment.



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